Bison, beef, and Mangalitsa Pork in stock now!
1/4 Beef Complete Payment

1/4 Beef Complete Payment

Stock your freezer now!

How it works:

$950 is the total cost for our grass finished beef quarter. (See list of guaranteed quantities below.)

*This is your only cost. We pay butchering fees*

All meat vacuum sealed (except ground meat).

If you're local to the Missoula area, we can meet you in town to deliver your beef.

If you're out of state or cannot meet in Missoula or pick up from the ranch we can arrange for discounted shipping. Usually about $30 per box (expect 3 boxes) anywhere within a 2 day UPS ground shipping radius from Missoula.

Our animals are 24-30 months of age before we butcher them. We make sure they are actually finished before butcher so that they are tender, marbled, and tasty. You won't get any stinky tough grass finished beef from our critters.

With your order you will **at least** receive:

5-Rib steaks

5-New York steaks

3-Sirloin Steaks

3-Tenderloin Filets

6-Top Round Steaks


1-Tri Tip Steak

1-Skirt Steak

1-Flank Steak

2-Pkg Short Ribs

4-Osso Bucco

1-Shoulder Roast

1-Chuck Roast

1-Bottom Round Roast

1-Sirloin Tip Roast

60lbs Ground Beef in 1lb packages

If there is more to the animal, you will get your full 1/4 even if it is more than what is listed above for no additional cost.