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Our grass fed, Montana raised bison.

What makes our bison special?

Our bison are raised in Montana on regeneratively managed pastures. This means that we value our soil and our grass as much as our animals. For our customers, healthy soil and healthy grass mean that our bison have access to the extra nutrients that a functioning microbiome can lend to their pasture.

We don't use fertilizers or spray for weeds. We don't administer sub-therapeutic antibiotics, nor do we believe in growth hormones.

We don't rush to slaughter our bison. Unlike feedlot bison, which can typically be butchered between 18-22 months of age, our bison are around 30 months old. The extra time allows the animals to develop intramuscular fat, which makes them tender and tasty (and don't worry, fat from grass-finished animals is good for you!!). An animal must complete most of its skeletal grown before it will begin to develop intramuscular fat when finished on pasture.

All of these management practices point to one outcome, you can feel good about eating our bison! They roam happily on open pastures that are managed in a way that is good for them and the environment.