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The Best Bison Burger Recipe

Our tips and tricks for making an incredible bison burger

The most important things to remember:

1 Thaw your burger first!

Ground bison should be chilled, but not frozen.

2 Don't overwork!

Lightly pack burger patties, less is more. Overworking will result in a loss of tenderness.

3 Add salt later!

Salt WILL cause the burgers to crumble. You can add seasonings as you build patties, but avoid salt, or seasonings with salt until they are formed. Even better: wait until they're cooked to salt!

How we cook our burgers:

  • Thaw, but keep refrigerated before you start.
  • Loosely form patties. We like to keep them on the thicker side when we make them.
  • After patties are made, make a thumb print in the center of each one. Your burgers will end up being flat with this little hack!
  • Warm up your pan (yes, pan! one of our favorite ways to cook burgers is a cast iron pan on the stove) and melt a little butter. Sometimes we throw in a bit of chopped garlic.
  • Cook low and slow, no more than medium heat! Don't be afraid to flip your burger often, but DO NOT SQUISH. You want all those wonderful juices to stay in your burgers!
  • Salt and pepper to taste once burgers have finished cooking.

Our Temperature Guide:

  • Rare- 120°F
  • Medium Rare- 125°F
  • Medium- 130°F
  • Medium Well- 135°F
  • Well- 140°F

**Remove from heat 10°F below target temperature and allow to rest to avoid overcooking**