Mangalitsa spring pork shares available now! Non-GMO corn and soy free!

Our Montana raised grass finished beef.

We are continually working on our herd genetics to produce highly marbled, tender, and flavorful completely grass finished beef.

If you've tried grass finished beef in the past and found it to be gamey or tough, rest assured that will not be your experience with our beef. Our cattle herd is comprised of breeds that have proven they can thrive on forage alone.

The quality of our pasture is another key component to the taste of our beef. Management-intensive grazing is allowing us to rehabilitate our soil microbiome. A functioning microbiome allows the pasture grasses to access more micronutrients (which become unavailable or limited in compromised soil), and when our grass is healthy, our cattle are healthy. When we harvest healthy cattle, the benefits of more micronutrients from the quality pasture are passed along to our customers!

Part of building healthy soil is not using any chemical sprays or fertilizers. Once you build healthy soil you don't need chemicals.

Our cattle are allowed to finish most of their growing before harvest. This is important because cattle must finish most of their skeletal growth before they can begin to develop intramuscular fat (which is KEY to great tasting beef!) when they are finished on pasture. Rather than being slaughtered around 18 months of age, ours are between 24 and 30 months old.

What does all of this mean to you? You can feel good about eating our beef! Our Montana raised beef animals live happy, healthy lives; and they are good for you.