Mangalitsa spring pork shares available now! Non-GMO corn and soy free!

Our Montana raised bison and beef bundles, explained.

Curated with our customer in mind, packed with care, delivered with confidence.

Our bundles are:

Designed for our customers.

Nobody wants a steak bundle with just one steak! Or a bundle full of cuts they won't use! When we put together our bundles, we thought about what we would be looking for, and that's what we put together for you.

Packed with care.

We ship your bundle inside an insulated container, and include cold packs and dry ice to insure it will arrive frozen.

Delivered with confidence.

We KNOW you will love your bundle. We send out some goodies along with your package, including laminated thawing and basic cooking instructions!

About our meat:

  • Our Montana raised products are individually vacuum sealed, if you only want one steak you only have to thaw one steak!
  • They are clearly labeled, so no guessing on which cuts are which.
  • Our ground bison and beef is packaged in one pound packages.
  • Of course, all of our products are 100% grass fed and grass finished. Our animals never eat grain.

About payments:

  • We accept payments online, through our website.
  • Once you place your order, you can expect to see a charge on your card Monday morning right before we ship your product.

About our shipping:

  • We ship bundles every Monday, but if you need something rushed please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. If you need shipping delayed you MUST contact us before the bundle is sent. We will not replace bundles which thawed due to being left outdoors.
  • You will receive tracking information via email. Keep an eye on your bundle's progress and contact us with any issues.
  • Your bundle will arrive frozen, please be aware that there may be residual dry ice! We include instructions on how to handle dry ice if that is the case.

If we missed something which needed explained, please call or email with questions! (406) 546-5197 or