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Montana raised grass fed, grass finished bison and beef. Pastured pork.

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We've created our Montana raised grass finished bison and beef bundles to make it easy to get healthy meat delivered directly to you. You know exactly what cuts you're getting and what it costs. Our bundles will fit in your kitchen freezer and arrive on your doorstep. Pay with your credit or debit card. You only have to visit the ranch if you'd like to see our operation!

The best part? We ship our bundles anywhere in the contiguous United States for free!! Add individual items to bundles and they ship for free as well. Discounted shipping available for all other products.

How To Get Our Grass-Finished Meat.


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Your box will arrive on your doorstep, full of frozen goodness! After the first bite you will know healthy and delicious CAN go together.


OMG !!!! It is SO delicious ~~~ Seriously .so Wonderful :) Wanted to post a " dinner photo " on your page , but I ate it too fast ! :) Wonderful marbling , good fat consistency and color .
Julie T. (self professed 25 year grass fed beef eating SNOB from Philipsburg, MT.)
Cooked 2 rib steaks tonight, and couldn't ask for a better quality of meat. Very fast shipping and really good people to do business with.
Alex W. (Lewiston, ID)
Some of the best beef I’ve ever had! And for a great price. can’t wait to try out some buffalo from these guys later on
Nick D. (Williston, ND.)

Montana raised grass finished bison and beef bundle

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