Bison, beef, and Mangalitsa Pork in stock now!

The healthy food you've been looking for.

Montana raised grass fed, grass finished bison and beef. Pastured pork.

Buy direct from our ranch without the hassle!

We've created our Montana raised grass finished bison and beef bundles to make it easy to get healthy meat delivered directly to you. You know exactly what cuts you're getting and what it costs. Our bundles will fit in your kitchen freezer and arrive on your doorstep. Pay with your credit or debit card. You only have to visit the ranch if you'd like to see our operation!

The best part? We ship our bundles anywhere in the contiguous United States for free!! Add individual items to bundles and they ship for free as well. Discounted shipping available for all other products.

What we offer:

Curated Bundles

We've created a selection of bundles for any type of cooking preference. Steaks, slow cooking, we've got it all.
Bundles ship for free!


Our add-on category features cuts which can be purchased individually with limited shipping options or added to a bundle with free shipping included.

Bulk Options

We do intermittently offer some bulk buying options like 1/4 bison or beef and 1/2 Mangalitsa hogs. They sell quickly and often have a wait list.

Montana raised grass finished bison and beef bundle

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