Bison, beef, and Mangalitsa Pork in stock now!
Whole Mangalitsa 9/11/2024

Whole Mangalitsa 9/11/2024

Butcher date 9/11/204. Reserve your share of the best pork around!

Treat yourself to the luxury of Mangalitsa pork!

Mangalitsa fat is different, all the way down to its chemical composition caused by the animal’s genetics. Mangalitsa fat is higher in monounsaturated fat than any other pork. It is soft, smooth, and creamy; with a low melting point similar to butter. It will melt in your mouth.
We haven’t even touched on the Mangalitsa meat, which has this high quality lard laced intramuscularly throughout. There’s a reason this pig is sought after by the top restaurants around the country. The meat is bright red and resembles well marbled beef.


$9/lb hanging weight, processing included.

Non GMO, Corn free, soy free, pasture raised. 

These pigs were born and raised on our ranch. 

We expect these pigs to hang around 200lbs as a whole

**A whole hog should hang around 200lbs, at $9/lb that would be approximately $1,800.** 

Pork will be ready for pickup approximately 1 month after butcher date. 

The average yield from the last batch of pigs was 73% packaged meat from hanging weight. That means you can expect about 73lbs of packaged pork if your pig hangs at 100lbs. 

Following our standard cut sheet at 100lbs hanging weight (1/2 pig, multiply amounts by 2 for whole pig amount), that means you can expect: 

18.25lbs (25%) pork chops

8.75lbs (12.5%) pork shoulder steaks

8.91lbs (12.7%) ham or ham products

18lbs (14%) bacon or pork belly

19lbs (14.7%) ground pork or sausage

10lbs (7.3%) packaged pork fat

5lbs (6.5%) miscellaneous cuts (ribs, organs, etc.)

Our last round of pork shares sold within 2 hours of being posted, reserve yours now! If you book before their processing date you can have your cuts customized.

Call, text, or email us for more information!

Laura Wheeler 406 546 5197

Shipping is available for additional cost. Usually between $30-$40 anywhere within a 2 or 3 day ground shipping radius of Missoula, MT per shipping box. Expect 3-4 boxes.

**Deposit is non-refundable**