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What does "grass fed" as a food label mean to the USDA? The answer is....nothing.

written by

Laura Wheeler

posted on

February 28, 2021

In 2016 the AMS (Agricultural Marketing Service) withdrew two standards for voluntary claims; the "Grass (Forage) Fed" marketing claim, and the "Naturally Raised" marketing claim. When you see "Grass Fed" on a beef label in the supermarket, what they likely mean is that during some point in it's life, the animal ate grass. All animals eat grass! Even animals finished in a feedlot!


A marketing claim with no federally regulated standards is meaningless. 

If this all sounds a little unbelievable, here's the link to the statement on the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) website. 


We have a solution for people who want to know for sure that their meat is grass fed, and grass finished.


Buy from a rancher you trust!

This eliminates any concern about labeling claims, as ranchers who advertise as grass fed or grass finished should be more than happy to visit with you on the phone about their management practices, or allow you out for a visit to see their operation. 

Our promise to our customers: when we say grass fed, grass finished; we absolutely mean it!


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